We provide a robust money management platform comprised of well-diversified, rules-based portfolios. We offer separately handled accounts powered by money managers (sub-advisors), who pursue a complementary risk-managed philosophy. This broad selection allows for effective long-term strategies customized to each investor’s specific risk/reward profile.

Here are a few of the managers Tucker Asset Management has a strategic relationship with:

Our three unique Stop Loss portfolios (Conservative, Moderate,and Aggressive) are designed to steer us in the right direction when the market shows deterioration, by employing our proprietary stop loss strategy. When the market is recovering, we utilize our mechanical re-entry methodology that has a comprehensive marketing platform to help you prospect.

After years of research, we developed a disciplined, systematic, and non-emotional method of investing that is designed with the goal of protecting our clients assets during market declines. Because of our belief in the power and strength of this trading system, we call it Spartacus. In 2000-2002 as the market dropped, we reduced our client’s exposure to stocks through our systematic method. In 2008, our proprietary intermediate term indicator, the HCM-BuyLine® gave us the signal to exit the stock market. Consequently, we moved to the safety of the sidelines during much of the decline.

Alpha manages money using asset allocation strategies that are based on long-term seasonal factors. A “seasonal factor” is a calendar-driven cause of certain recurring patterns in the stock market. A simple example would be the “Santa Claus Rally”, which is the persistent tendency of the stock market to rally in the final days of December, beginning just before Christmas. Over the past 34 years, using the Russell 2000 small cap index as the investment medium, the last seven days of December have been up 91% of the time, returning 2% on average.

The strategy seeks to provide investors with the total return normally associated with an actively managed basket of bonds, while using inverse funds and optimal exit techniques for downside risk reduction. The program was designed around our Tactical High Yield, Global High Yield, U.S. Govt. Bull/Bear, and Low Turnover Bond Strategies. Each strategy has multiple independent signals based on technical analysis. All long positions are non-leveraged. The program uses inverse funds that are based on 30-year U.S. Govt. bonds. The signal is based on technical analysis. A stop loss and trailing stop are used for the signal.

Our partnership with TD Ameritrade Institutional delivers first-class custodial services to our Investment Advisor Representatives. TD Ameritrade consistently outranks other institutional custodians with an advisor satisfaction rate of almost 97%*.

*Journal of Financial Planning, Dec. 2014



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