Remember the bear market of ’07 – ’09, when some investors lost between 20-40% of their account values? During a market correction, many investors don’t sell their equities soon enough, and often wait too long to reinvest into equities as the market recovers. TAM’s StopLoss Portfolios may be the way to help avoid this from happening to your clients again.

TAM StopLoss Infographic_teal

We have exclusive access to three unique Stop Loss portfolios (Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive) that steer us in the right direction when the market shows deterioration, by employing our proprietary stop loss strategy. When the market is recovering we utilize our mechanical re-entry methodology that has a comprehensive marketing platform to help you prospect.

We use an equal weight ETF (RSP) for the equity portion of the portfolios giving us exposure to the U.S. Equity markets. Recently there was a great article in Consumer Reports Money Advisor in June of 2014 illustrating how the equal weight S&P has outperformed the S&P 500 market weight by 50% since the first full year it was available (1990).

Watch the two minute whiteboard animation video that explains the stop loss models below:


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