Cloud-Based Service Portal

Our top priority is to provide unsurpassed customer service to our IARs. To help deliver this service, we have developed the TAM Support Portal. In addition to delivering the utmost customer service, our Support Portal aims to assist advisors by streamlining their office workflow.

The TAM Support Portal is a complete customer care resource for advisors and their staff. It was created based on feedback received over the last several years from advisors with competing RIAs. Some advisors have experienced trade errors, or untimely trading, and a lack of accountability. Some of the common problems advisors are faced with can be solved by working with us.

Solutions to some Common Problems:

• Transparency/Accountability
• Knowledge Base
• Resources
• Paperless Paperwork Submission

Transparency & Accountability:

Submitting new business, and servicing existing clients can bring a lack of transparency and accountability (both internally and externally). Many advisors waste valuable time submitting business through several avenues, which creates inefficiencies–not only in the submission process–but also in the follow-up process. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of accountability when a mistake is made either by their own staff, or the companies they are working with.

Ticketing and Tracking Solution – The TAM Support Portal provides an online ticketing and tracking solution from the business-level, down. This gives advisors and their staff the ability to submit business online in one central location, and also allows tracking of the submission until the task is completed. Ultimately, this helps create a more transparent and efficient workflow.

TAM Knowledge Base:

No matter which financial services provider you work with, there will always be a learning curve for you and your staff. You need a resource that you can access at any time. Additionally, it should be something that is easy to understand and use.

Knowledge Base Search Function

Not sure what to look for? Use our search function. This will help you and your staff locate the information you need within the knowledge base.


Support Portal – Forms

In addition to our Knowledge Base, we have also added a Comprehensive Forms Library that contains all of our partners’ required forms. Included in this section:

• TAM Forms
• TD Ameritrade Institutional Forms
• Compliance Documents
• Recorded Webinars

Tech Tip:

Typically, when you submit a request, it can be difficult to track unless you or your staff constantly follow-up with the company it was submitted to initially. This can take up a significant amount of time, and may require a few calls and e-mails. The TAM Support Portal allows you to track the real-time progress of all of your requests. Additionally, this will create more efficiency within the office, as you will be able to see what your staff is working on with a click of a button.



Tucker Asset Management has invested in some of the best financial technology in the industry. Orion is a portfolio management software solution that TAM advisors utilize everyday in their growing businesses.

Orion provides customizable reports and statements, powerful web-based tools, and all of the other portfolio management pieces you need to provide your firm with total control over your client information. Go beyond paper statements; use Engage to provide your clients with unique and personalized video statements, or set-up your clients with a truly modern take on the Client Portal, where they can interact with your firm and check-in on their portfolios.

Laser App

Laser App Anywhere is the mobile forms filling solution designed for the financial advisor on-the-go. The system integrates seamlessly with web-based CRMs and account-opening tools, to pre-fill your investment, insurance, advisory, and broker-dealer forms.


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